Certificate In Dressmaking and Tailoring

Course Introduction

Dress Making and Tailoring trade course will provide fundamental knowledge, skills attitude of trainee for Making Patticoat, Salower, Kamiz, Orna, Baby Frock and Blouse. This course also develops skills for self employment, working in the Ready Made Garments industry, NGOs, government organization etc.

Course Objectives

After completion the course the trainee will be able to:

  • Take measurements by using measuring devices according to the customer requirements
  • Calculate the total cost of the dress
  • Draw the different parts of the dress according to the customer requirements
  • Cut the Fabrics according to the measurement
  • Sewing components of the dress

Course Content

Subject Theoretical Practical Duration
  • সেলাই কাটিং এর সূচনা
  • সেলাই কাটিং এর যন্ত্রপাতির পরিচিতি
  • সেমিজ
  • কামিজ
  • সালোয়ার
  • ব্লাউজ
  • পেটিকোট
  • কুচি ফ্রক
  • বেবি ফ্রক
  • রাউন্ড ইয়ক ফ্রক
  • বতি ফ্রক
  • গোল পেটিকোট
  • পায়জামা
  • ম্যাক্সি
  • অন্যান্য
50 150 2 Month's

Course More Information

  • Course Name : Certificate In Dressmaking and Tailoring
  • Trade Name : Dressmaking and Tailoring
  • Course Duration : 2 Months
  • Course Total Marks : 200
  • Course Fee Installment : 12,000/=
  • Course Fee At a Time : 12,000 - 25% (Discount) = 9,000/=
  • Note : If you pay at a time course fee, You will get the discount.

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